Posted on May 09, 2018 — Anthony Paton


Email address

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Telephone number    

Which stakeholder group do you fall into:  ☐ Landowner ☐ Product owner ☐ Organ of State  ☐ Researcher / Research Institution ☐ NGO ☐ General Public   ☐ Other (please specify)      

What in your view is the most important matter or greatest threat facing the World Heritage Site?         

How can the World Heritage Site, in your view, be better managed?         

What in your view is the most important objective of the Integrated Management Plan?       

What in your view is the most important issue that needs to be addressed in the Integrated Management Plan?        Which specific management area are you interested in?  

☐ Palaeontological Heritage Conservation & Research ☐ Public Participation ☐ Education  ☐ Community Beneficiation ☐ Development Management & Land Use ☐ Environment  ☐ Interpretation ☐ Tourism & Infrastructure ☐ Co-operative Governance ☐ Marketing &  Communications ☐ Other (please specify)    ☐ YES ☐ NO   

Would you like to participate in a working group?     

How would you like to be engaged and informed on the IMP process ?  ☐ Email notifications ☐ Public meetings  ☐ Social media notification    

How would you prefer to be contacted?  ☐ Email ☐ Post ☐ Telephonically    Any other comments?        

Thank you for your input  Please email your completed registration form and questionnaire to Michelle Witbooi at: (011 085 2475)